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>> greg: true. >> kimberly: thank you for spending time with us. tune in tomorrow for the fabulous fourth of july special. west point hell cat, dunk tank and wings. you don't want to mess it. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> john: another u.s. apology. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. pakistan in the seven-month long blockade in the boarder with afghanistan that cost the american taxpayer $2 billion. it took an american apology which the pentagon and the administration have said for months would not be forthcoming. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details. >> reporter: the apology came from hillary clinton in a phone call to pakistan foreign minister. "we are sorry for the losses suffered by pakistani military. we are committed to working closely to pakistan and afghanistan to prevent this from ever happening again." for seven months, the white house, state department and pentagon said they would not apologize for the cross-border shooting incident on novembe november 26 that left 24 pakistani troops
the u.s. taxpayer estimated $2.1 billion to fly supplies needed by u.s. and nato troops through the northern central asian corridor. truck convoy backed up at the border were attacked. pakistanis close the c.i.a. air base used for drone strikes and demanded $5,000 per vehicle that passed through the border. so what changed? pakistani dropped fees for each truck passing through the border and the u.s. apologize u.s. apologized. some say pakistan gained more from the break through. >> it has been able to obtain the u.s. apology, obtain that relations have improved between the two countries without takes those difficult steps of going after the sanctuary, getting the taliban to play a positive role of reconciliation talks. >> pakistan new prime minister indicated another motivation for opening the supply line. the exit of the u.s. forces from afghanistan. he said in a statement today. >> john: what else request fig do pakistanis get for opening up supply route? >> $1.1 billion in combat support funds that the u.s. frozen and will now process. pakistan's ambassador insisted the agre
ammunition, assault rifles and shells for a 12-gauge shotgun. >> authorities tell us in the apartment they found a batman poster and mask associated with the series and comic book series. we heard from a gun range owner in the area who says james holmes applied to his gun range and it was an odd application. when he called to confirm, the answering machine left a weird message and he put up a red flag but james holmes never showed up to complete the application process. we're told the first funerals are being planned for friday and over the weekend. >> adam housley live in colorado. thank you. >>> the massacre prompted talk about gun control. dug mckelly explains now it's mostly just talk. >> a moment of silence today and reading of victims' names. >> jesse chilldress. >> the senate reconvened for the first time since the massacre. calling for calls to restrict high capacity magazines. >> it's big clips, 100 rounds. you cannot get to him to dislodge the gun because he can fire so rapidly and has so many bullets. >> that kind of magazine jammed during the shooting spree. they're notori
how to stop them. using chemical versions of them on your own people. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. we begin with the politics and the finances of u.s. national security and global conflict. we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel on capitol hill with former vice president dick cheney warning to lawmakers about massive defense cuts. leland vittert live in jerusalem with speculation that syria's president may be using chemical weapons against rebels. we start off with the national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon on the latest u.s. move concerning iran. good evening. >> good evening. today, defense department announced unprecedented 20 nation demining military exercise slated for september. it will take place near but not in the strait of hormuz. according to u.s. central command. >> this is not an exercise that is aimed to deliver a message to iran. this is exercise designed to within this multinational forum, increase our capabilities and cooperation. >> not only is the pentagon deploying the uss john c. stenni
u.s. officials are now bracing for the prospect of assad falling, or regime control of damascus collapsing on a much swifter timetable on previously contemplated. even one as short as 36 hours. >> this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. for that reason, it's extrem extremely important that the national community working with other countries have concerns in that area have to bring maximum pressure. on assad. to do what is right and step down and allow for the peaceful transition. >> we call on our friends and our partners internationally to recognize that assad is a spent force hecht will not be a part of syria's future. >> at the united nations, plan to vote on a new security council resolution deferred until thursday. western intelligence agencies armed with sketchy information looked for signs of more high level defection and continued rebel momentum. >> we have seen other indications that maintains the control over the armed forces generally. he could decide however to try to mount a counter offensive, even using chemical weapons. that could extend the b
, that the investigation is complete. >> the last time shots were fired in a hostile incident involving a u.s. navy ship in the persian gulf was 1988. warships crippled six iranian naval vessels in a series of clashes then. the 1988 battle followed an incident in which a u.s. ship was danieled by mine thought to have been laid by iran. >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. syrian ambassador who defected last week has a chilly warning how far bashar assad will go to hang on the power. correspondent leland vittert has the story and what the rebels in syria are trying to do to snatch that power away. >> rebels in damascus lit fires blocking a main highway, forcing the regime to send tankses to the street of the syrian capital to maintain control of the city. this dramatic shift in 18-month long uprising could be enough to force president aside to use chemical weapons against his own people. speaking to the bbc, he offered no proof to accusations but said he thought the syrian army may have used chemical weapons and would for sure as the conflict worsened. syrian army gunship opened fire. amateur video
, the u.s. park service has a plan. >> people will then be directed to buildings along either constitution avenue or independence avenue or to some of the smithsonian museums where it's air conditioned and covered out of sight. >> they took what little shade there was, well positioned near the washington monument for the big show later on. all of them trying to stay cool. mostly succeeding. >> no shade. a lot of water. things are going good. >> fabulous, i love it. >> still a possibility of thunderstorms down here on the mall. but the likelihood has dropped to 10%. so it looks like that big show at the other end of the mall on the capitol steps, capitol fourth can go on uninterrupted at 8:00 p.m. followed be by the spectacular fireworks show around 9:10 tonight. >> john: good news, steve. we'll be watching. thank you so much. steve centanni on the national mall. firefighters battling blazes across the west are keeping an eye out for fireworks tonight. they're also hoping that calmer winds and higher humidity will help them get upper hands in the fires. correspondent alicia acuna is in denv
in the national mall. and has an update for us ahead of tonight's big bash. how is it looking out there, steve? >> reporter: hi, john. 98-degrees. for warm here. unlike years past few people chose to make a long day of it out here at the mall. apparently choosing instead to stay away until later when it might cool off a little bit. earlier today, in spite of the heat, it did look like the typical independence day. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: festivities began with old fashioned fourth of july parade. plenty of color and excitement for everyone. plenty of heat, too. nearby, a cooling center, one of several located around the site. staffed with doctors and boy scout volunteers and stocked with plenty of water, big fans and even an outdoor sprinkler to cool people off. the high temperatures mean a higher risk of medical problems. >> the biggest problem we have are heat injuries. they come seek. we try to sort out out and help them one way or another. >> reporter: as always, tight security on the mall. filing through security check points. police were issuing this all too familiar advice. >> if you see s
on january 1 and continue deficit spending for years on end." >> that is about 3-1/3% of the whole u.s. economy. that is something like 20% of all tax revenues. that is a massive tax increase. when you have tax increases like that, that precipitates a collapse. >> reporter: the house is preparing to vote on extending all of the bush tax cuts while the white house, majority leader harry reid are supporting $272 billion plan to extend cuts for individuals making up to $200,000. and couples earning up to $250,000. president obama threatened to veto for the top 2% and called on congress to pass extension for everybody else. >> skip unnecessary drama, the needless plays and all the partisan posturing and just do the right thing for people who sent us here to serve. >> today, senator murray suggested if the bush tax cuts expire, then any deal after that would be a tax cut for pro pose sal. and free republicans from the no new taxes penal. the founder of the pledge grover norquist says he expects republicans in the house and senate to continue to abide by it, even if mr. obama is re-elected.
[ inaudible ] it's time for this dude to go. >> andrea: well put. thank you. that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is the fox news alert. the brutality in syria crossed another deadly line with what is said to be the worst massacre yet in that conflict. syria's friends in high places thwarted the latest attempt to diplomatically end the violence there. the country's president has come out of hiding. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest live from the state department. james? >> reporter: bret, good evening. syrian government deployed helicopters and artillery against the rebel opposition. british base human rights group reported 250 casualties. 60% of them civilians. making this is the highest single day death toll in history of the 16-month uprising. from state run television, the first images of syrian president bashar assad since rebel forces assassinated three of his top aids. the occasion was the swearing in of the
and have no plans to change this, john. >> john: glad you finally cleared that up for us. >> tax versus penalty. >> john: good to see you match. jurorty of economists in the latest "associated press" survey expect the national unemployment rate to stay above 6% for at least four more years. that is the upper reaches of what is considered healthy. the economy with the central message today that the president kicked off the campaign swing through two important battleground states. the chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. >> president obama's first campaign bus tour looks like his first two official bus tours. paid for by taxpayers last year. today, the pretty pictures of americana were mixed with punchs at presumptive nominee romney. >> his experience were owning companies that were called pioneers of outsourcing. that is not my phrase. pioneers of outsourcing. my experience has been in saving the american auto industry. >> the attacks on romney may be overshadowed by friday job numbers in june which are coming with big signs on the economy. today we l
smoke canisters in the crowd before opening fire. >> someone is spraying gas. >> get us some gas masks for theater nine. we have can't get in it. >> reporter: at first, people in the theater thought it was part of the movie experience. >> there were explosions behind me. i thought it was just normal practical joke. you know? >> reporter: witnesses say holmes began firing, calmly stopping to reload. >> he shot the ceiling and then everybody knew it was real. it wasn't a joke. >> a little bit after we showed up to the lobby we heard a loud explosion. shortly after that, we heard gunshots open up. it sounded like a fully automattic weapon. >> pointed at my face with the gun. probably three feet away from me. >> [ inaudible ] up and down and the door. with a gun crossed on his chest. that is when i knew something was going on. >> they were trying to get people through the lobby. so we ran down the stairs, out the theater. i walked out, i saw a girl with a bullet in her leg. >> reporter: the chaos ended minutes after it started. >> within roughly one minute to a minute-and-a-half, police of
and the u.s. economy, dangling over a fiscal cliff. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. ominous story today by a tough senate democrat has average americans asking whether the tax bills will surge by hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars next year. it has to do with the political tug of war over whether taxes should go up on families making more than $250,000 annually. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells out it has for nearly everyone. >> reporter: they're taking the country over fiscal cliff if the republicans won't increase the tax increases. that translates to allowing $600 billion in tax hike and spending cut to take effect next year, which the head of the democratic snarl campaign committee laid out today. >> if we can't get a good deal, a balanced deal that calls on the wealthy to pay their fair share, thenly continue the debate to 2013, rather than lock in a long-term deal this year to throw middle class families under the bus. >> reporter: republican leaders worry it would throw the economy back to a recession and says this shows that democrats w
by targeting u.s. aircraft carriers. >> the united states and the international community are going to hold them directly responsible. for any disruption in that region. >> the pentagon top brass focused on tracking syria's chemical weapons. a senior official says the u.s. is in discussion with israel about the move by israelis to destroy chemical weapon stock piles. israel defense minister issued a warning to hezbollah after returned from the heights overlooking syria. >> of course, what happens on the border of syria and lebanon to make sure they're doing this, the transition period. advance the weapon systems. >> if we have information, chemical agent. biological agents. are about to fall in hands of hezbollah we will not spare any effort to prevent it. >> they reached out to defense secretary leon panetta about possible israeli strike on the syria chemical weapon stockpile. but the u.s. expressed concerns to the israelis such a move could embolden assad's regime. the discussion continue. >> bret: dangerous time. thank you. name calling and accusation are the focus of the contentious pre
strived for by president starting with teddy roosevelt. it required him to use up almost all of his political capital. >> mr. obama himself sent a video to the conference and criticized not attending in person but not by the naacp leadership. reverend owens was critical of both. >> the president is making a mistake taking the black vote for granted. naacp made a serious mistake pandering to the president. >> the white house shrugged off the president's nonattendance as a scheduling issue. he had no public events though aides made clear the public schedule is not a measure of the workload. >> provide the video as matter of routine. >> his support among particular group of whites men without a college education, is the lowest of any democrat in 30 years. just 28% in a "washington post"/abc news poll compared to 55% who support romney. polls suggest that it's among independents so block voter turn-out could be key in battleground states like north carolina and virginia. on this day biden makes sure they won't stay home for lack of enthusiasm. >> it's time for the naacp shouldto do what
accuses the president heaping on the u.s. >> rather than heeding false promise of government economy, polish wanted to expand trade, attract investment and live within its means. your success today is a remind they're the principles of free enterprise can propel an economy and transform a society. >> romney visits the tomb of the unknown soldier. and later at a memorial to pope john paul ii despite the somber nature of the moment u.s. reporters shouted questions at him, as he departed. >> what about your gaffes? >> governor romney, do you feel your gaffes overshadowed your foreign trip? >> they were abruptly told in language by an romney aide this is not the place. >> show some respect. >> we won't have another chance to ask him questions. >> this is a holy site. >> romney visited the polish president. and in a separate meeting thanked poe lan for contribution to iraq war an afghanistan. >> on behalf of the country, i express appreciation for your willingness to fight with us, stand with us and be our friends in times of crisis. >> reporter: in his university speech, he itemized a fe
i'm so happy for you. i'm the best girlfriend. republican. >> bob: that is a good story. didn't use the free contraception. >> kimberly: she is married. >> greg: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bret: the romney campaign says the president is lying. obama campaign staffer suggests romney could be a felon. 117 days from the election, the gloves are off. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: the presidential race taking a turn toward the nasty with a long way yet to go. president obama and his people trying to blame romney for outsourcing jobs through bain capital and there are serious differences about the timeline. chief political correspondent carl cameron with a romney ad that sparked an obama campaign charge, raising eyebrows. >> reporter: romney's newest ad calls the president a liar for what independent fact-checkers call false and misleading charges that romney was outsourceer at bain capital. >> misleading, unfair and untrue. when a president doesn't tell the truth, don't trut trust himo leave. >> obama jumped on the boston globe sto
's offshore accounts. with vice president biden actually using today's speech to a prominent hispanic group to demand romney release more of his tax returns. >> he wants you to show your papers but he won't show us his. >> it's kind of fascinating. >> while the president pressured the republican opponent in an interview with wnur in new hampshire. what's important is if you are running for president the american people know who you are. and what you have done and that you are an open book. that has been true of every presidential candidate dating all the way back to romney's father. the president's push for more disclosure came three weeks after he invokeed executive privilege to shield attorney general eric holder from turning over more documents in the "fast and furious" scandal. >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. small business owners are more pessimistic than they have been in a while. new survey shows decline in optimism in june. wiping out all positive gains achieved this year. political uncertainty is said to be the primary cause. the fitch rating service is leaving
, romney used the first town hall style meeting since may to blast president for proposing extension of the bush era income tax cut for individuals earning ove over $250,000. >> he announced a massive tax increase. >> he ridiculed mr. obama as liberal reactionary whose response to last week's dismal job report is propose tax hikes this week to kill the anemic recovery. >> the very idea of raising taxes on mall business and job creators at the time we need more jobs is the sort of thing only extreme liberal could come up with. >> romney spoke at a high school where the president visited three years ago. colorado has 9% unemployment. point higher than the 8.2% national rate. in iowa today, mr. obama ignored romney's call for tax cuts for everyone, to accuse the right of favoring only the rich. >> they want more tax cut for wealthiest americans on top of the existing bush tax cuts. they want to give $5 trillion more in tax cuts. that fight is a big part of what the election is about. >> president's attempt to brand romney out of touch raider for working at bain capital has been debunked
weeks ago. you didn't build that. tonight ed henry tells us mitt romney is still hammering for it and the president is still trying to get past it. at one of his nine fundraisers this week, president obama again found himself on defense over his you didn't build that comment. clarifying to democratic donors i want to promote success, and releasing a new ad charging republicans took him out of context. >> hard-working people sacrifice today meet payroll, create jobs and make our economy run. i said we need to stand behind them as america always has by investing in education and training, roads and bridges. >> top advisors to mitt romney keep pounding away. >> he condemned success. he wanted business people and his constituencies to think all business success should be shared with everyone, that there's nothing individual about it. that's denying the american dream. >> to keep the heat on republicans are helping small business people hold we did build this news conference ins swing states. the a sports themed instant replay on what he calls the fumble of the week. >> you didn
thank you for joining us. stay with fox for continuing coverage tonight and throughout the weekend. we'll see you on monday. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: new details emerging tonight from the horrific midnight movie massacre in colorado. what we know about the suspected shooter at this hour. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. what was supposed to be an evening of comic book fantasy disintegrated in one of the deadliest realities last night in suburban desert. 12 people brutally killed and 59 more hurt when a black-clad gunman opened fire on the crowd in a midnight screening of the new batman movie. officials do not believe it was terrorism. a 24-year-old suspect was arrested outside the theater. correspondent adam housley is also outside the century 16 cineplex in aurora, colorado. good evening, adam. >> reporter: bret, investigators here believe the suspect james holmes acted alone. he was cold, calculated as we walked through the theater. he fired off so many shots. they may not know for days how many he fired ins
jobs report provides fears about the u.s. economy. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier tonight. just 80,000 jobs were created last month. at the lower end of what economists predicted. that means the unemployment rate held steady at 8.2 president. leaving president obama scrambling to find a silver lining and putting republican challenger romney on offense. we have fox team coverage tonight. mike emanuel looks at the hard hit construction sector. carl cameron reports on how the candidates are defining themselves. and each other. but we begin tonight with chief white house correspondent ed henry who is traveling with the president. >> reporter: after taking heat saying the private sector is doing fine, president obama today brushed aside a dismal jobs report to insist the economy is on the right track. >> businesses created 4.4 million new jobs in the past 28 months, including 500,000 new manufacturing jo jobs. that is a step in the right direction. [ applause ] >> reporter: as he rolled his way through two battlegrounds the president'
the candidates are using a struggling economy in an effort to cast the other as unfit for the white house. >> the defining issue of the campaign. vacationing in new hampshire, mitt romney tried to wrap it around the president's neck like a boat anchor. >> their prediction was unemployment would be at 5.6% now. instead it's 8.2%. millions and millions of families are struggling and suffering. because the president's policies have not worked for them. >> while the president asks for a second term for the policies to work and republicans call him out of touch for saying today's weak job report is a step in the right direction. romney is making both promises for his first term. >> you are going to see the growth of the economy pick up. 4% or better. you're going to get america within four years to about 6% unemployment rate. after that, i see it getting better and better. >> pro-obama superpac bounced on romney with a 6-year-old video of the then massachusetts governor defending sluggish job growth in the bay state with rhetoric back then that sounds like the president now. >> you are going t
house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler sorts it out for us tonight. >> insisting the one area of the tax policy both parties agree on, president al-balaw oba called for one-year extension of the tax cut for families making less than $150,000 a year. >> let's not hold the economy hostage while we debate merits of another tax out. for the wealthy. >> in a written statement, presumptive nominee mitt romney said of the tax hike that would result for wealthier americans it proves again that the president doesn't have a clue how to get america working again a help the middle class. republicans note the economy is growing slower than it was two years ago. they persuaded mr. obama that allowing even the upper income tax rate to rise and bring it to a halt. >> this president signed the same thing two years ago saying it would make the economy work. >> he got an extension of the payroll tax cut. neither is off the table now. >> the last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of recession. that would suck up and take more demand out of the economy. put businesses in a further
on the record with us. responding to accusations, character questions, and calls for him to release more of his tax returns. the last two days could be described as a chicago style presidential race. and live from chicago, this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening i'm bret baier. coming to you from president obama's adopted hometown of chicago. headquarters for his re-election effort, which engaged in part war of words tonight. we begin with the growing ranker and rhetoric, charges and countercharges over what romney did. or did not do. when he was or was not running the investment firm bain capital. chief political correspondent carl cameron talked to the governor a short time ago. >> reporter: mitt romney says the president is falsely accusing him of outsourcing jobs at ban cappal to stifle debate over jobs and the economy. >> a lot of people look at this and say this is politics worse than usual and they expect more from the president. he is the one that talked about a post partisan presidency and change the way washington worked and people assumed would make it better. with th
cameron tells us such pronouncements are not the britt's cup of tea. >> mitt romney and david cameron met at number 10 downing street. >> it's 1200 people that have seen the torch and meant to go within a mile of 95% of the country. that would be a challenge in the states but in uk, we justify that. >> the night before, romney called news stories about logistical problems disconcerting. >> stories about the private security firm not having enough people, supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials. that obviously is not something which is encouraging. >> asked about that, cameron to some took a shot at the olympics romney ran in salt lake city, utah. >> we're holding an olympic games in one of the busiest, most bustling cities in the world. it's easier if you hold them in the middle of no wear. >> romney special mentioned bury ma where he saw six lane house with no cars. after meeting cameron, romney tried to lay it to rest. >> there are always a few small things that end up going not quite right in the first day. >> london mayor johnson took a shot saying there are people co
>> kimberly: it will be a great week on "the five." stay with us to see all the clips. they're good. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow. have a great night, everyone. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to a special edition of "special report." i'm bret baier. coming to you live from prince william county, virginia. important swing county in an important swing state. the commonwealth of virginia expected to be a major battleground for the 2012 presidential race. the election could come down to a few swing states. inside each state there are swing counties. we have identified 37 of the swing counties and 12 battleground states on the voting pattern, key issues and demographics. they're marked with yellow push pin on the map. "special report" will hit six of the swing counties across the country. the red pins will tell you where we take it live. expert analysis from the reporters who cover the area. we have talk to voters. indiana, housing is a major issue. and other places where falling income has people on edge there. my colleague bill hemmer is doing the same. talking to six o
it. >> dana: weigh in and let us know who you think it can be done. we think it's bob. that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> john: is it a tax or a penalty? both sides can't seem to keep it straight. this is "special report." >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. romney's campaign veered offmessage. every other republican leader seized on the supreme court healthcare ruling. pounding the president's individual mandate as a massive tax increase on americans. but an advisor to mitt romney said the governor doesn't see it that way. in fact, he suggested romney sees it just as the president does. which left the romney campaign scrambling for clarification. ed henry reports. >> reporter: barely 24 hours after the top republican claimed the healthcare plan is a massive tax, adopted by the romney undercut the argument and let the president off the hook saying on msnbc the mandate in romney's own plan was not a tax. >> the governor believes that what we put in place in massachusetts was a penalty. he disagrees with the court's ru
by the remarks. another sign of tricky issue for them. john? >> ed henry at the white house for us. thanks. senior political analyst brit hume is here with his thought ox the penalty credit. good evening. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> the fumblin fumbling in the y camp today explaining the governor's position on the supreme court finding that the healthcare fine is a tax is certainly embarrassing. it will be seen that the governor is unable to use the healthcare tissue his advantage. that doesn't mean that the issue will not work to his advantage anyway. that's because romneycare is unpopular as ever and the president owns it. it is his signature achievement and for much of the first two years he set aside all other priorities including the economy to push it through congress. romney meanwhile has pledged to repeal it. despite the healthcare skeleton in his closet. the question is this. will voters who want to get rid of obamacare, vote for obama because they have misgivings about the romney record on the issue? it's like the economy. democrats take comfort from poles that show people
this year. but lower means $1.2 trillion. bret. >> bret: thank you. the u.s. economy has never been so sluggish this long into a recovery. chief national correspondent jim angle takes a look at some of the reasons. >> economists have little doubt about why the economy is slowing. for one thing, consumers aren't spending enough because they don't have enough. n mainly because there is not a whole lot of income growth. it hasn't been much income created over the last couple of years. consumers are starting to get more anxious and starting to say, let's wait and see what's happening with the economy before we make to that he is major purchase. >> soft consumer spending, it's an endless cycle. it feeds on itself and the economy can't recover, if that's the case. >> consumer spending is the main engine for economic growth and if consumers aren't spending, businesses can't expand and hire. >> manufacturers are worried about flowing global sales, they're worried about what's happening with tax and regulatory policy. so much is on hold right now until the election takes place that manufacturer
. >> ahead of an overseas trip, governor romney used a speech to make the case he would be a stronger commander in chief for national security. >> other major powers are rapidly adding to military capabilities, some with intentions very difference than our own. the regime in tehran is close to a nuclear weapon. >> the list the places where he says mr. obama made mistakes, iran, israel, poland, the czech republic, russia and china and venezuela. >> whoever provided classified information to the media seeking political advantage for the administration must be exposed, dismissed and punished. the time for stone wall something over. >> romney bashed mr. obama for lack of leadership on the half trillion in defense cuts as part of last year's debt deal. >> strategy is not driving defense cuts. >> he explained his opposition to withdrawalling surge troops during the fighting season before the election. >> the route to more war and attacks at home is a politically timed retreat. >> the obama campaign accused romney of resort to go cheap attacks that lack credibility. yesterday president obama
the move may backfire. >> that will be a terrific opportunity for those of us who served with president clinton to point out that barack obama is no bill clinton. >> white house officials and former clinton aides beg to differ and say perhaps nobody in the democratic party is better at framing the arguments. >> i think it's a shrewd move by the obama campaign to tee up their convention. they will come out of the republican convention and president clinton will draw clear contrast. >> regardless of who is making that case, the biglicious be a sluggish economy. which top obama aides now admit the president owns. >> he understands where the buck stops. we also understand what we inherited. and what we can't go back to, which are the tried and tested ideas of four years ago which got us into this. >> clinton could help with the white working class voters in battleground like ohio, that obama visits wednesday. that may explain why romney camp is targeting the buckeye ste e with a web video to continue to exploit the "you didn't build that" flap. >> you have to be kidding me. he was trying to
jasper. >> eric: that is it for us for "the five." thank you for watching. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: welcome to a special edition of "special report." i'm bret baier. we're live on the vegas strip in clark county, nevada, one of the swing counties that will likely determine the winner on election day. 99 days from today. there are 12 battleground states. we identified more than 30 key swing counties inside the states based on the voting patterns, key issues and demographics. those counties are marked in yellow on those map. we'll travel to a dozen of them in the next 99 days. here in nevada, if you are watching tv, almost every commercial break has at least one ad from a presidential campaign or a super-pac. sometimes several. nationally in the presidential race, the real clear politics average of recent polls has president obama up 1.8. in nevada according to the average of polls president leads by 5.3. politically, the silver state breaks down to two major counties. here in clark county, where two-third of the state estrenol cente'sregistered vote.
>> it's the galleria mall inflection. >> all right. that's it for us. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >>> the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee blames president obama's white house for damaging national security leaks. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier, president obama's white house is under attack from his own party. the democratic chair of the senate intelligence committee blames the obama administration for national security leeks officials say have damaged the country. catherine herridge has our top story. >> taking questions monday, the senior democrat and chair of the senate intelligence committee laid the blame for the national security leaks on 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. >> reporter: feinstein confirmed the leaks contained in press reports about a cyber attack on iran and double agent in yemen jeopardized human intelligence. >> i can tell you without doubt we've lost assets because of it and that's who was hurt. >> the demo
cost. the banks said we want to know how you will pay us back. >> the city of stockton in northern california is the largest municipality ever to file for bankruptcy, which it did on june 28. tuesday, san bernadino 60 miles east of los angeles, $46 million in the red became the second biggest city. s faced tough times before as new yorkers with memories of the '70s can attest. much changed since thenstates like california severely constrain what cities can do to try to balance their books. >> because of voter initiatives, and limits on taxes, it's really hard for cities to figure out how they are going to get new revenues if you have something happen like what happened where the house price fell, developer fees dried up. they are struck with pretty strong union contract they need to somehow renegotiate. >> what impact the city's plight could have on the presidential politics, if any appeared subjective. >> it sounds like fiscal imprudence we are seeing from the president. the general issue, the problems with the budget crisis, the first democrats more than republicans. >> not all c
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